Why Namastay ?

We are three women who experienced major changes in our life: Niki unexpectedly caring for her mum who came to live with her with a terminal illness, Eva experiencing a life threatening condition and Kelly undergoing a marriage breakdown and career change both at the same time. We all found yoga and holistic practices kept us balanced and strong throughout these challenging times. We met through yoga and after sharing our experiences we thought: if us three are feeling this, how many other people are going through these times? That was when we decided to bring our skills together and collaborate and offer people an opportunity to look at their life challenges through a different lens . Eva, yoga teacher and a qualified nutritional therapist, Niki, yoga teacher and NLP practitioner, plus Kelly with her entrepreneurial spark & super sonic networking: our Namastay Retreats idea came to life. 

Come with us and take a walk on the inside .

Kelly , Eva and Niki xxx